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Oct 09, 2018

Tomato paste is processed on at each Aug to Oct, now 2018crop tomatoes harvest was finished except California, the sammary date is below:

Italy:4.60 millions total, bad weather caused decrease heavily.

Spain: 2.60 millions, less 0.65million than 2017crop

Portuguesa: 0.45million less than 2017crop, 2018crop is aroudn 1.1million

Turkey: big decrease than 2017 crop,only 1.3 million in 2018. in 2017 the output was close to 2.0million.

Iran: normally Iran can harvest 1.0million, 2018 crop only 0.3million!

China:sharg decrease than 2017crop, 4millions in 2018crop was the lowest in the past 4past years. the decrease percentage was over 40%!

California: processing is still in the progress, but for sure the final quantity will be less than 2017crop.

Except Russia, added 0.1million than last season, all main processing quantity is less.

Let us see where the market will go after Sial Fair on Oct middle.