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2018crop tomato paste summary
Nov 29, 2018

With the end of California 2018 season tomato paste processing, now we can review and make a summary.

According to the WPTC confirmation, in 2018crop 34.3 million metric tonnes (mT) of processing tomatoes have been harvested this season, which is 3.48 million mT (approximately 9%) less than in 2017 (37.8 million mT). This result also demonstrates a notable drop (2.8 million mT or -7.5%) compared to initial processing intentions published last January and February (37.116 million mT).

What makes big drop? in our opinion, the bad weather is main reasons, it was clear that Mediterranean producers like Italy, Spain suffered heavy rain or cool weather, even in Brazil, the hail and storm also affected tomatoes harvest. another is because mandatory reasons, many smaller factories were closed due to the pollution in Xinjiang, we can see in 2017crop Chinese total volue is over 6million mts, but 2018crop, less than 4 million!

Of coruse, now it is not time to say the price will go up sooner, but in any case many people think the market will be hot because big decrease happened. Maybe tomato paste will have a positive result in the future? Let us see.