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Jun 24, 2018

Chinese famers and producers of kidney beans did not have good profit in the past two seasons, since the market is not so good from price peak USD2800/MT to bottom USD1300/MT.

However, maybe all will change from 2018 crop.

According to some producers, they forecasted that the kidney beans will go up because the planting area decreased heavlily, farmers are requested to plant corn, soy beans etc in order to fight back USA who exports large quantity grain, soy beans etc each year to China. People worried the trade war who maybe stop the corn, soy beans to enter into China, therefore, they made preparations increase the planting areas of grain, soy beans, and decrease the kidney beans.

Definitely, now if you want to buy kidney beans like British Red from China, it is not easy because the stock is quite less.

Based on above points, Someone is optimistic for the 2018crop market.

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