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apple juice is good for the babies
Dec 28, 2018

When your baby is constipated, it can be difficult to help him get his bowels moving again. The pressure and pain leads to crankiness, and finding a safe solution for your baby's discomfort can quickly become your top priority. Many moms and pediatricians turn to apple juice as a quick cure for a constipated infant, but check with your child's doctor before giving him anything to loosen his bowel movements. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics at HealthyChildren.org, infants younger than six months of age should not be given juice.

Apple juice works to alleviate infant constipation because its sugars, liquids and pectin give it a mild laxative effect. Offer 1 to 2 ounces of apple juice from a bottle or spoon up to twice a day to help ease the passage of stool through your baby's digestive tract. Don't give your child too much apple juice, because juices are high in sugar and fill an infant's stomach so he may not consume much of his normal breast milk or formula. This could cause him to lose valuable nutrients he needs to thrive.