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May 03, 2018

When the 2018 season coming, the main Chinese production areas will finish tomato planting work sooner. According to the current statistics data, the total planting area is around 550000mu(36000Hectare ) ----if it is true, there will be sharp decrease of this crop, over 40% less than last crop! We believe it is true, because:

Under the bad market, mostly boss and farmers in tomato paste industry suffered big loss in the past 3 seasons, now they have no passion for the tomato industry any more. Another, government issued quite strict and mandatory regulations for the environmental problems, many factories stopped working or planned to find new approved production place which cannot restart possibly this season.

It is not easy to give an exact forecast, just like apple juice concentrated, no one can see the price was soaring up from last Oct. what God gives us, that we will accept.