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canned tomato paste
Dec 06, 2018

Worldwide supplies of canned tomatoes are mostly provided by Italy. With more than 77% of the quantities used in this category last year, the Italian industry has stayed well ahead of its main rival, Spain (7.8%) and the world's 3rd ranking exporter, the United States (4%). Outlets are just about as polarized: in 2016/2017, the EU28 imported more than 62% of the volumes traded, with the North American and Far Eastern markets respectively absorbing 13% and 9% of the shipments traded around the world. Other operators, in Portugal and Greece, are trying to get their share of the trade flow, but remain relatively discrete (2.2% of global trade for each of these countries), while three other countries of the world's Top8 canned tomato exporters (Netherlands, Mexico and Turkey) account for just above 3.5% of global trade altogether.

(from tomato news)