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Cleaning method
Apr 03, 2018

Mushrooms are cleaning up is more difficult, mainly because of its rough appearance, and the skin is very thin, the wash is broken.

As a result, a lot of people for the sake of brevity, water boiling eat simply. In fact, mushroom belongs to the plant, plant is low, tender, juicy fruit, which make it vulnerable to diseases and insect pests are and microorganisms. Therefore, in the process of growing mushrooms, often should use pesticides. These pesticides, fertilizers and bacteria, such as easy to attach on the rough surface of the mushroom, if not clean, clean is likely to cause diarrhea, even pesticide poisoning. To wash the mushrooms, had better use tap water rinse, the flow of water to avoid pesticide infiltration in fruit. Wash mushrooms don't eat soon, with best residual jie qing soak for 5 minutes. Residual jie qing can kill the mushroom surface residual harmful microbes; Clean water and alkaline residue, can promote the pesticide degradation of acidic. Wash mushrooms, careful not to take off the mushroom's, if capped mushrooms in water immersion, residues of pesticides can follow the water into the fruit internal, cause more serious pollution. , also do not use detergent detergent soaked mushrooms, such as the material is hard to clean, easy to residue in fruit, cause secondary pollution. Residual jie qing as natural detergent powder, the use of mountain wild aloe, arctic, no son of natural herbs, such as the deoiling purification refined but become, they contain 80% of natural tea saponin, tea saponin is a kind of compound type surfactant, it has a good emulsification, foaming, wet function, and has the very good decontamination ability, can quickly remove grease, easy to clean, no residue, it does not hurt the hand. Use this product for vegetables, fruits and so on also can decompose residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, is a pure natural cleaning supplies, do not contain any chemical additives, it does not hurt the skin, no chemical residues. At the same time has the function of sterilization, detoxification, relieving itching, inflammation, is a green and efficient environmental protection household cleaning supplies.