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consumed packing tomato paste
Nov 25, 2018

In the past years, tomato paste is packaged in drums or wooden bins, which is a bulk packing. If your factory or machcine cannot use one drum or one bin, you have to put opend tomato paste into the refrigerated warehouse.

In order to solve this, tomato paste producer provided tins packing like 3kg, 4.5kg size for hotels, restaurants or food chains, which are very popular now.

But for those smallers producer who needs tomato paste as materials, they still have problem for the tins packing, because it is quite different between consumed market and processing factory, the smaller factory worried the scrap iron or other foreign matters mixed into the final products when opening the tins.

Therefore tomato paste producer requested the supplier of aseptic bags to make amendment, decrease the size from 220L to 20kg or 10kg, then the producers can process and package tomato paste in the 10kg or 20kg size aseptic bag in cartons, it is perfect solution.