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consumed packing tomato products
Dec 03, 2018

People know tomato paste more and more, they know lycopene is healthy for our bodies.

In fact, except the tomato paste, people like consumed products like diced tomatoes, whole peeled tomatoes. In China, in the past years people knew tomato paste, ketchup from KFC, McDonald and other western fast food, now they know many tomato products, especially for the diced ad whole peeled.

when they cook spaghetti, they will use diced tomatoes, onion, shrimp etc, it is very delicious. In summer people put the whole peeled tomatoes in the refrigerator and cooled some time, then they can drink cool tomato juice, also they can have "tomatoes" with a little sugar, which is better tasty then fresh tomatoes.

Also, you can find they cook the egg with diced tomatoes, even make soup etc.

We can belive that the tomato paste, the consumed tomato products will be much popular in our life.