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defining tomato paste
Jan 21, 2019

tomato paste is a concentrated long shelf-life product used globally as an ingredient in preparinmeals and food products . It is produced by removing the seeds , skin and pulp of tomatoes to createa tomato juice which is then thickened , normally by evapomato paste is technicallyclassified according to its dry matter content :

Single concentrate : 12-14% dry matter

Double concentrate : 28-30% dry matte

triple concentrate : 36-38% dry matter

Double concentrate is the most common form of tomato paste

It is helpful to keep these figures in mind as the term tomato paste is not always used in this technical sense , which can be confusing What might technically be classed as double concentratetomato paste ( the kind you would find for sale in a tube in the supermarket ) is normally calledpuree in the UK , while in the US tomato puree would refer to a product with a much more liquid consistency.