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Dietotherapy role
Apr 03, 2018

Manner to improve immunity: the active components of mushroom can strengthen the function of T lymphocytes, so as to improve the immunity of the body to resist various diseases

This analgesia, sedation: Brazil, a research to a substance extracted from mushroom has the effect of analgesia, sedation, it is said that its analgesic effect can replace the morphine

3. Stop coughing: mushroom extract in animal studies, found that it has obvious antitussive, dilute phlegm fluid

4.the purge detoxification: mushrooms contain human body difficult to digest crude fiber, half a crude fiber and lignin, can maintain intestinal water balance, also can absorb the rest of the cholesterol, sugar, flush out the infection, to prevent constipation, colon cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and so on all is very good

⒌ mushroom contains tyrosinase, to lower blood pressure have obvious effect.