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pallets for tomato paste
Dec 11, 2018

In the past years, drums tomato paste was palletized by woonden pallets.

When making pallets, fumigation must be done by official or appointed department by official department, and marked with DB or MB. It is very convenient to use pallets for loading and transportation.

But the it is inconvenient that wooden pallets cannot be used many times---at most two or three, then broken, also we have to cut many trees for pallets, therefore many countries prefer plastic pallets.

Plastic pallet has big advantage is that it can be reused many times though the cost is higher than wooden pallets, but in the winter people would not like plastic pallets since it is so slided, goods cannot be still in the pallets.

Of course people also invented many other packages for tomato paste, like wooden bins, like recycling jumbo bag etc.