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repackaged tomato paste
Dec 04, 2018

As mentioned in our previous articles, repackaged tomato paste as a consumed product, which is very popular in the market, espeically in the Africa and Middle East.

From 70g, 100g to 400g, 3kg, 4.5kg, there are many size options, you can imagine that when the consumers have a bread with a 50g or 70g size tomato paste, it must be tasty and delicious.

Repackaged tomato paste is processed by bulk packing tomato paste, citric acid, salt, fiber etc, in order to meet some special requirement, sometimes natural color pigment can be mixed if it is approved by the import countries.

Except the ingredients, repackaged tomato paste also have several different packing, like tins, sachet, even plastic bottle, glass jar etc., we also notice that there are famous brand in Middle East in Tetra packing, though it is much expensive than other pacing, it is becoming popurlar because it is convenient when drinking, also enviromental since Tetra is reckcled.