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some sayings about the acidity of tomatoes
Dec 21, 2018

 For individuals with healthy digestive function and no allergy to tomatoes, I don't consider their degree of acidity to be a bad thing in any way. All of the World's Healthiest Foods have their own unique pH, and the pH of tomatoes is fully in keeping with the pH range that covers most fruits and vegetables.

There's another perspective, however, for addressing the issue of acidity in tomatoes. This perspective does not look at the question of acidity from a Western science standpoint but from the standpoint of other traditions involving whole body acid-base balance and its relationship to diet. In the case of these other traditions, including that of traditional Chinese medicine and the macrobiotic approach to diet, tomatoes are actually considered as the opposite of acidic.

In these traditions tomatoes are considered to be an alkalizing vegetable that will help lower the body's acidity when digested and metabolized. For example, it is the ability of tomatoes to help alkalize the blood that makes them recommended as a food that might help improve certain health problems that are understood as problems of excessive acidity. Because a slightly alkaline whole body balance is viewed as desirable in these traditions, tomatoes are including along with other alkalizing foods as those that are recommended to help restore this balance.