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Special tomato sauce
Dec 05, 2018

People call tomato sauce as tomato paste, or call tomato paste as tomato sauce. Here we introduce a special tomato sauce:

In most countries, tomato sauce is a cooking sauce that is often a base for other sauces. The simplest tomato sauce is an uncooked, cold sauce, such as the Italian checca sauce. Other sauces are cooked, including the Italian arrabbiata sauce or marinara sauce . Generally, cooks prefer meaty, flavorful tomatoes, such as  plum tomatoes, because juicier tomatoes tend to make watery sauces. Grocers sell tomato sauce in cans or jars, and home cooks often bottle tomato sauces or seal it in jars.

The tomato is actually a fruit, although many people consider it a vegetable. It is a New World native, so European and Asian cooks did not incorporate tomato into their cuisine until after the 1600s. One of the first countries to use tomato sauce was Italy, especially in southern Italy, where it remains a very popular pasta dressing.

There are several ways to make tomato sauce. The Italian sauce checca is an uncooked sauce similar to salsa. The cook finely dices tomatoes and mixes them with other ingredients, including olive oil and flavorings, such as basil. Another method is to use tomato paste and thin it with water. The most common method is to cook peeled, chopped tomatoes until they reach the desired consistency.