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Tetra packing tomato paste
Jan 31, 2019

As menionted in my previous articles,there are so many different packing type for tomato paste, tins, sachet,aseptic bag, drums, wooden bins etc.

But when you in supermarket it is not easier to see Tetra packing, why?

In my opinion, one reason is that nobody can find a suitable tomato paste product to promote the market and consumers. Some Middle East like 20brix tomato paste in tetra packing, some EU like tomato juice, in China there is no Tetra packing at all. if somebody can find a tomato product like Milk,so popular,maybe tetra tomato products will have a spring.

secondly I think the cost of tetra is so higher comparing with tins, sachet etc. After all tomato product is a kind of agricultural product, lower profit and higher risk, nobody would like to use a higher packing type unless they have big market or some profit.