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the acidity of the tomatoes
Jan 09, 2019

The acidity of fresh tomatoes can be closely associated with their degree of ripeness. The more mature and ripe, the lower the acidity, with pH approaching the 4.9 end of the range described earlier. For this reason, if a person is looking for ways to decrease the acidity of his or her tomatoes, I would suggest buying only the ripest ones, and steering clear of anything less than fully ripe.

Canned tomatoes are typically more acidic than fresh tomatoes due to the impact of the canning process. The pH of canned tomatoes can dip down into the 3.5 pH range. For this reason, avoiding canned tomatoes would be another recommendation if a person were trying to consume foods with less acidity.

Is the acidity of tomatoes a bad thing? For individuals with healthy digestive function and no allergy to tomatoes, I don't consider their degree of acidity to be a bad thing in any way. All of the World's Healthiest Foods have their own unique pH, and the pH of tomatoes is fully in keeping with the pH range that covers most fruits and vegetables.