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tomato paste--a basic materialm in food industry
Nov 19, 2018

When you enter into KFC, PIZZA HUT, MCDONALD'S, even western restaruants, you will order "tomato paste", because it is so delicious, red color, good taste and healthy.

But in fact, it is not tomato paste, it is ketchup or called sauce.

When you in super market or food chains,you would like to buy some tomato paste like ketchup, hot-paste, chilly paste etc.

Further, people also like canned sardines, tuna, beans with tomato paste.like tomato juice also.

So, It is clear that you can find tomato paste ingredients in many foods mentioned above. Even in some downstreamed products like soup, pufered food, you can find tomatoes powder---which is also reined from tomato paste!

Definitely, tomato paste is becoming much popular in our life, hope you can like it!