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tomato products import business
Jun 08, 2018

According to Chinese government, from July 1, 2018, over 1500 imported comsumer goods duty rate will be decreased, and the Minister of Finance declared that, for those imported products from MOST-FAVOURED-NATION,the average duty rate will be down to 6.9% from 15.7!

For those who dealing tomato paste, diced tomatoes, peeled tomatoes etc, maybe they also can consider import tomato products from other countries, because the import rate of HS CODE 20029011 decreased sharply,except ketchup from 15% to 12%, other items even from 72%-83% down to 5%!

When we reviewed import history, we can see the diced tomatoes and whole peeled tomatoes quantity goes up over 15% during 2015--2017. The same thing happened for the bulk packing tomato paste. And, you can see the consumed tomato products are mainly from Italy, the bulk tomato paste is from USA.