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whold peeled tomatoes
Dec 14, 2018

Tomato is a kind of treasure from its skin to the juice, we can use tomatoes to process the tomato paste,diced tomatoes, tomato juice and many tomato products.

Here we wanted to talk about whole peeled tomatoes.

Whole peeled tomatoes are made from fresh tomatoes, after cleaning and selecting, the skin of tomatoes will be heated and dropped off by machines, and filled in the tomato juice(no any additives) in tins, then we can get the whole peeled tomatoes.

Pls kindly note the juice in whole peeled tomatoes is 100% natural and completely same with the juice for tomato paste.

In summer, you can put whole peeled in refrigerator from some time, then you can get the iced fresh tomatoes and cool tomato juice, it is quite delicious, Children all like it very much.