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2018 Crop Tomato Paste From Italy
Dec 11, 2018

As a traditional and strong country in tomato paste industry, Italy has a big important role in the world.

But 2018crop,Italy has been disappointing. According to figures published by the main Italian processors' association, the 2018 tomato season ended with production results of 4.65 million tonnes processed, which is a 11.5% decrease compared to 2017(*). In the South Central region, with only 2.2 million tonnes of tomatoes processed, operations decreased by 12.7% compared to last year, while in the Northern region, final processing results were at approximately 2.5 million tonnes (-10.2% compared to last year). (From Tomato News)

In fact, except California, many processing areas suffered difficulties in tomato paste industry, this is why we should consider how to move in the future.