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2019crop Forecast
Feb 19, 2019

Within just a few days of each other, the European Commission published its report on 2018-2030 agricultural prospects for the EU and the WPTC (World Processing Tomato Council) published its first official processing forecasts of the 2019 season. All of the data collected converges, and it confirms, for all of the countries of the EU, an increase in processing intentions by 2020, and even more so by 2025 and 2030 (see complementary information at the end of this article).

As for the shorter-term future, global processing prospects collected at the beginning of February by the WPTC complement those that were supplied during January by the AMITOM, providing a few notable modifications: Iranian processing intentions, which remained to be confirmed, have now been stated at 1.5 million metric tonnes (mT), taking the AMITOM's processing prospects to 16.45 million tonnes.