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Argentina 2019 Crop Second Part
Jan 31, 2019

Weather conditions permitting, the processing tomato harvest in the San Juan region is expected to reach close on 200 000 metric tonnes (mT) this year, which means that the area would be responsible, for the first time, for half of Argentina's national production.

For the time being, local sources indicate that production is satisfactory in terms of quantity and quality, and only mention a few difficulties linked to weeds. Windy and cloudy weather conditions this spring have indeed hampered the application of herbicides and plant-health products. As of 25 January, planted area represents 5 541 hectares for a forecasted production of 400 000 mT this year; there were some rains in San Juan but with good yields, reaching 100-120 t/ha on average. The harvest is starting in the region of Mendoza, where some 400 ha were affected by hail in the north-eastern part of the region. The current situation in the Rio Negro and La Rioja is satisfactory, with high temperatures and high humidity.

(from tomato news)