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Argentina In 2019crop Is Promising Good
Jan 29, 2019

According to official estimates, San Juan's increased contribution to the country's production in 2019 is merely the consequence of sustained planted surfaces in this region, in a context that has seen a drop of approximately 10% in total of planted surfaces around the country due to economic difficulties. Mr. Ariel Lucero, Minister of Agriculture, recently explained that San Juan – which will be hosting the next World Processing Tomato Congress from 15 to 19 March 2020 – produced close on 164 000 mT last year, grown on 1 959 hectares (83.7 mT/ha) whereas the Argentinian harvest as a whole (436 000 mT) was grown on a total surface of 6 500 hectares (amounting to a national average yield of 67 mT/ha and a result for growing regions "excluding San Juan" that is below 60 mT/ha).

(Tomato News)