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Challenge For Chinese Tomato Paste Export
Feb 12, 2019

around 10years ago,Chinese tomato paste industry got a big development,the total processing capacity reached 2millions mt on 2009!

but at the followed years, Chinese tomato paste suffered difficult situation,some factories were closed, however, in 2018crop chinese tomato paste is not less than 0.6 million mt, the price is still at lower level, why?

With the development of tomato paste industry, some other countries who already stop processing tomato paste are coming to life, like Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Egypt etc, more and more countries can process tomato paste, though their brix is only 28/30.

another is trade berrier, you can see Nigeria, Ghana issued many regualtions to ban tomato paste importation from other countries,defenitely this trade protection will harm Chinese tomato paste export.