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Direct Filling And Repackaged Tomato Paste
Nov 20, 2018

For the consumed tomato paste, they can be known from packing like tins, sachet, glass etc, of course you also can tell them from the brix or different concentration.

However,in a professional opinion, the material makes the difference:

If the tomato paste processed during harvest season in each Aug to Oct, and the materials are fresh tomatoes, we called direct filling tomato paste or fresh tomato paste. the processing chart is that fresh tomatoes are processed directly and packaged into tins like 3kg, 4.5kg etc.

If the materials is drums packing tomato paste, added salt, citric acid or other foods additives, we called this as repackaged tomato paste, which can be process at any time.the processing chart is that fresh tomatoes are processed into tomato paste in drums or wooden bins packing firstly, when the factory is ready to produce, they will open the drums and mix the food additives, then process again and pack into sachet, tins or other packing materials.

Guess the picture is fresh filling or repackaged tomato paste?