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Distribution Range
Apr 03, 2018

White kidney bean is lijiang traditional leguminous crops, nowadays, with the increase of white kidney bean export, lijiang, the broad masses of the white kidney bean products as the poverty alleviation in the mountainous area to get rich is an important industry to grasp, lijiang, white kidney bean industry has become one of kidney bean export base in the province. Lijiang, LuDian dawn only two annual output reached more than 4000 tons. Lijiang kidney bean is mainly produced in taian, LuDian, lijiang in the west of the giant midian, dawn, such as alpine region, due to the good soil and water, no pollution, lijiang kidney bean is not only good quality, and granular, colour and lustre is light, is used for making bean paste, bean paste, soya bean cake and candy, the finest raw materials of soy and export demand.