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EU Expects To Increase Process Tomato Products Slightly
Feb 14, 2019

According to the report “EU agricultural outlook for markets and income, 2018-2030”, “EU production of fresh tomatoes is expected to remain relatively stable despite increasing yields as producers expand the production seasons. On the other hand, the value of production is likely to continue rising as greater product segmentation adds value. Consumption of fresh tomatoes is expected to go down slightly, while consumption of processed tomatoes is expected to marginally grow”.

“Domestic per capita consumption of fresh tomatoes remained stable during the last decade, at around 14 kg per capita, and is expected to slightly decline by 2030 to 13.6 kg (-0.5 % per year compared to the last five-year trimmed average.) This is amongst others due to the fact that consumers switch to smaller size tomatoes.”

“With regard to processed tomatoes, the production is expected to slightly increase during the outlook period (+0.7 % per year until 2030 to 11 million tonnes). Growth will mainly be driven by increasing yields, particularly in the main producing countries. It is likely that the EU’s strong share on the world market will be sustained although with some adjustments of supply and demand.
The EU consumption of processed tomatoes is expected to increase from 20.5 kg per capita in 2018 to around 21 kg in 2030 (in fresh tomato equivalent). This growth will be mainly driven by increasing demand for convenience food such as prepared meals and products representing a Mediterranean lifestyle. Yet the concentration of raw tomato in those products is decreasing due to the addition of other vegetables.”