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Final Tomato Products Decrease From Italy
Dec 05, 2018

According to Tomato News,the famous and professional website of tomato paste, 2018year Italy have recorded a further drop in terms of finished products compared to last year.

It is said 8.5% has fallen this year from Italy local news, the Pomodoro Nord Italia IO, total production of tomato products suffered a big drop of chopped and uplped products(-34.6), pastes(-17.8%), and passsata (-5.3%) .

The processing tomato season in the North of Italy ended with a major drop in volumes of finished products. Data collected by the IO – the interbranch organization for the processing tomato sector of northern Italy – has confirmed an 8.5% drop for tomato products overall (mainly pulps, pastes and passata) compared to production in 2017. Italian "finished product" results have dropped from 1 246 758 tonnes in 2017 to 1 141 110 tonnes in 2018. 

Definetely, 2018crop for tomato product industry had a big drop whatever for the bulk packing and final tomato products.