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Hot Break Tomato Paste Urgent Required
Nov 28, 2018

As mentioend in previous articles, there are two different processing methos for tomato paste: hot break and cold break. Normally we think hot break tomato paste needs better quality tomatoes and extra processing lines, even higher pre-heating temperature, so hot break product price is higher, and not easily to be processed.

In 2018crop, Chinese producers processed less quantity hot break tomato paste because there are no enough fresh toamtoes, also because some hot break processing lines were closed like Chalkis and COFCO factories. Especially 30/32 hot break tomato paste quantity is very very less in the market, you can see the price of 30/32 hot break is close to 36/38 cold break!

Before 2019crop crop coming, it seemed hot break tomato paste will be really hot in the market!