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Low Acidity Apple Juice From China
Dec 28, 2018

The Chinese fruit juice export market is dominated by the apple juice industry. The country’s capacity to produce apple juice concentrate (AJC) far outstrips demand and it has taken a long time for the industry to find a balance. Production of AJC in China is estimated at around 600,000 tonnes per year and the main export market is the USA.  

The moderate climate of the growing regions in China coupled with the variety of apples that are suitable for this climate means that China produces low acid or sweet apple concentrate. Apple growing regions further south or north, such as Argentina and Poland are able to produce higher acid supplies, which often commands higher prices.  

There has been talk of China emerging as a global supplier of orange concentrate in the past, but so far, this has not materialised.  

It must also be pointed out that domestic uptake of juice in China is increasing every year.