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Processed Tomato: EU Expects A Slight Increase In Quantities
Feb 25, 2019

The report of the European Commission explains that “Extra-EU trade in processed tomatoes is stronger than for fresh tomatoes, the latter being more perishable than the first. It is expected that EU exports of processed tomatoes will continue increasing by 1 % per year up to 2.7 million tonnes in 2030. EU imports of processed tomatoes are also expected to grow albeit at a slower pace (+0.7 % per year, compared to +1 % per year over the last decade), up to 2.6 million tonnes in 2030. While there is decreasing domestic demand for tomato concentrate (tomato paste, editorial note) which is being replaced by domestic tomato pulp and peeled tomatoes, the demand for the latter type of prepared or preserved tomatoes is projected to increase in the EU and also worldwide.

Therefore, the EU is expected to become a net exporter of processed tomatoes by 2030.”