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Production And Market Prospect Of High Quality Apple Juice Concentrate
Dec 20, 2018

Production and Market Prospect of High Quality Apple Juice Concentrate

(1) Production requirements

On the premise of ensuring hygiene and safety, reducing sterilization temperature and time is more conducive to the maintenance of nutrition and flavor.

(2) Storage and transportation requirements and shelf life

Because temperature has a great impact on the quality of products, storage, transportation and sales process should enter the cold chain system, Zui is good to eat within three months.

(3) Product characteristics

The grade of products should be between fresh juice and ordinary reduced juice. The quality of products is higher than that of ordinary reduced juice and the cost is lower than that of fresh pressed juice.

(4) Market prospects

In China, apple juice is considered to be a low-grade product. The first reason is that the raw materials for producing concentrated juice are mainly residual fruit and extra-grade fruit. The second reason is the excessive loss of nutrition and flavor caused by over-processing. As long as it is properly guided, high-quality apple juice will enhance consumer confidence, and the market prospects are optimistic.