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Scale Of Facilities In California
Jan 30, 2019

In California , tomato processing happens on a vast scale ( the state accounts for 35% of globatomato processing ) . Facilities handle on average 391 metric tonnes of tomatoes an hour , each truckdelivering approximately 23 tonnes of tomatoes , with several hundred deliveries in a day . Factoriestend to operate 24 hours a day for the length of the harvesting season , which will be around 100days minimum or 150 days target for expected return on investment from the plantSmaller scale technologies do exist . Some smaller factories reported in a developing economycontext can operate at the level of as little as 2-5 tons per hour , although their operation is lessefficient than large factories , For smaller quantities artisanal scale production could be consideredin which some of the process is done by hand , with appropriate equipment for processing stagessuch as pulp production , separation of pomace , concentration and packaging