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Summary Of WPTC
Jun 30, 2018

The 13th WORLD PROCESSING TOMATO CONGRESS was held in June 12 - 15 in Greece, here is brief contents:

1\in 2018season, total global quantity should be 35.80millions mt of fresh tomaoes, -5% less than last crop, -6% less than 2016, and -13% lower than 2015crop. WPTC think this is a new cycle like 2009-2013. but someone also forecasted that the final quantity of 2018 is possible much lower, depending on the weather.

2\The lower price in the past several seasons was caused by California higher and higher quantity----due to Chinese producers decreased in 2012-2013, California caught the chance and occupied some Chinese market share. But California also suffered adverse situation especially after 2015 when USD was stronger and stronger, their export was so hard, so they had to sell tomato products at a lower price.

3\You have to notice the new processing countries like Russia, Ukrain, Hungary etc are taking more and more role in the market.

4\On the contrary of the No.3item above, Nigeria, Ghana,Algeria and other countries issued trade-protection rules, which prevented Chinese tomato paste to enter into their market. This is why Chinese tomato paste industry is weak and weak.

5\"SUPER FOOD" conception was issued by WPTC, which focus the healthy nutritions of tomato products, like Lycopene ETC.