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Super Hot And Cold Tomato Paste
Nov 19, 2018

Normally for the cold break tomato paste,the bostwick is 6-10cm/30sec., and the hot break is 4-6cm/30sec.(at brix 12.5 and 20temperature)

But more and more people prefer the much thicker tomato paste whatever it is cold or hot break method, somthing below maybe is helpful for you:

1、before preheating phrase, including cleaning and selecting tomatoes,chopped, all is same as normal processing.

2、adjusting preheating pipes length and connecting with the chopped-hopper, raising the temperation and keep the temperature from 95 -105 within 20second once the chopped tomatoes entering into the preheaing pipes.

3、using biger screen like 1.0mm even 1.5mm according to your actual situation.

Of course suitable tomato seeds will be also necessary for the super hot break or cold break tomato paste,you have to learn from your argo-technicians and processing engineers.