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What’s A Good Substitute For Tomato Paste
Jan 28, 2019

Tomato paste is common in everything from pasta sauce to meat marinades. When you realize that you don’t have any tomato paste at home, you might be compelled to run to the store, so sometimes you will consider if there is a substitute for tomato paste?

Fristly you have to know that the tomato paste I wanted to disscuss is different with tomato paste which you used at home.

The tomato paste you used at home is called tomato sauce, ketchup etc, more and more peope would like to call them as tomato paste, but in fact tomato paste is another product.

the tomato paste is processed by tomatoes 100%, which is the material for sauce or ketchup. that means tomato paste is an industrial product, of course it is also healthy and natural product.

with the development, people also mix the tomato paste with citric acid, salt etc----which called repacked tomato paste, this product is popular in Africa and Middle East, since it is also processed by tomato paste, in fact repackaged tomato paste is kind of downstreamed product.

hope all is clear.